NOT Your Ordinary Family Halloween Costumes..

This Halloween I’ve found it difficult to find a Halloween costume for Tidus that made me go, “OH MY GOSH THAT IS BAD ASS!”. So I turned to Google, like I do for everything, but I still couldn’t find anything other than the normal stuff like, Monsters Inc. (even though it’s my favorite kid movie), The Incredibles, The Flinstones, Frozen, Wizard of Oz, etc.

I know most of you are thinking it’s just Halloween and he will only wear it one time but you don’t understand. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! I love dressing up and watching all the kiddos engorge themselves with candy and run around like a crazy person!

So while searching through Google I got to thinking about all the TV Shows and Movies I really like! But while thinking about it I realized I am a terrible person and all my shows include blood, gore and sex but I thought maybe I’m not the only screwed up person and could share these not your ordinary family costumes..


  • Make your child into a creepy doll and watch everyone run away screaming like a little girl, including me.
  • For the parents, one could be a priest and the other just a regular mom or dad.

Breaking Bad

  • Your gonna need to get your Meth Lab on wheels ready for this one! Just grab some car chalk and make your car look like an RV!
  • I already found big meth maker suits and suits for the little meth makers.

Dragon Ball Z

  • Whether you’re Vageta, Bulma, Trunks and Bulla or Goku, Chi-Chi, Gohan, and Goten you will forever be considered a badass family in my book!
  • This one can get a little expensive but if you are creative and can do that diy shit you can make these costumes yourself! I’m not creative enough so I am sure I will be spending the money on the costumes, lol!
  • You could also do Dragon Ball Z villians! Frieza, Beerus, Zamasu, Frost, etc.

Game of Thrones

  • Are you a House of Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Greyjoy, Tully, Arryn, Martell, Bolton. Umber, or a House or Florent?
  • I am personally a mixture of Stark and Targaryen! Yes I was one of those cheering on the nephew and Aunt gettin’ in!!

  • The Stark Family! You could also dress one of the kids up as a wolf!
  • Check out this badass mom and her little dragons! I ABSOLUTELY love this idea!
  • If you are one of the assholes that like the Lannister’s well you can screw off!! Just kidding! Round up those little incest babies and go Trick or Treating!
  • Got a family of blue eyes? Then you could all be White Walkers!
  • P.S. I feel bad for kid that has to be Theon.

Greys Anatomy

  • I don’t personally watch this one but I heard it’s awesome!
  • Throw some scrubs on everybody and your good to go! Make sure the kiddos have the white coats!

Guardians of the Galaxy

  • You’re going to have to think out of this world for this one! Your family as Peter Quil, Rocket Raccoon, Groot,  Gamora, and  Drax the Destroyer must work to keep Trick or Treating safe! 
  • If you have a baby you could also do BABY GROOT! Or, the baby could be a raccoon!
  • I think this one could be one of the easier DIY costumes! For Peter, you would just need a maroon leather jacket and black pants. Also, grab one of those toy loud alien looking guns your kid has. For Gamora, you would just need some black pants, black shirt, black boots, paint your face and hands green, and a black leather jacket! Also, go get that sword your kid assisted on buying at the dollar store! For Drax the Destroyer, if you don’t want to go shirtless just get you a red shirt, paint your face with red stripes, an asshole attitude (which is every husband ever.. just kidding guys we love you, sometimes) and some black pants! BOOM, Dax!


  • You know you have been dying to buy that clown mask and scare the shit out of people! Well here’s your chance!
  • Dress the kids up as your favorites from the gang and do one as Georgie.
  • Dad could be Perry Wise The Dancing Clown, and mom could be one of the many faces of IT!

Joe Dirt 2

  • You’re gonna stand there, ownin’ a home in the south, and tell me you don’t have no cowboy boots, some overalls, no plaid shirts, cowboy hat, haybales, boot skoot and boggie dos, boot scoot and boogie don’ts, mason jars, with or without the jam, or one single belt buckle?
  • Grab it all, jump in that pick up truck, and become the Dirt Family!


  • You could be The Gallagher’s for a night! Just try not to steal anything, except candy!
  • Dad could be Drunk all the time Frank! Just throw on some dingy clothes and don’t wash your hair for a week!
  • Mom can be Monica. You know those slutty clothes in the back of your closet you are holding onto because “one day your gonna wear them again” here’s that day!
  • Go to the Goodwill and find the dingiest/hipster clothes and throw them on the kids!
  • Tell the kids to cuss, set shit on fire, run from the cops, take a shot with them, pee on them, let them call “Frank” an asshole over and over, and just let them do anything they want. (Really hope you’re catching the sarcasm!)

Sons of Anarchy

  • Let’s be real, nobody will be able to out do Jax.
  • Grab all the leather vest and jackets and find one of the 50 friends that does vynl.
  • You will also need a black bandanna or black beanie!


  •  Come on. Who wouldn’t want to be  Sam and Dean Winchester?? Add Cas, Bobby, Garth, Gabriel, or whoever your favorites are and you have your supernatural team!
  • You could also let the kids be Angels!
  • Now go and save Trick or Treating from the supernatural! Don’t forget the salt and wood stake! (p.s. don’t make it pointy!)


  • THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!! (Yeah I know that’s a completely different movie)
  • Dress those kiddos up as gladiators and let them take on the arena! Let’s find out who the better kid is!! Just kidding, fighting kids is illegal.
  • Mom and dad could be the Superiors, just grab a white and red sheet!

Teen Wolf

  • Choose your favorite characters from the pack for you and your family!
  • Don’t forget they don’t turn full hairy werewolf so you just need some make up, side burns, clothes from your closet and you’re good to go!
  • For a baby you could do Malia, who does turn full Cayote!

The Originals

  • You may lose your soul for this one.
  • There are so many bad ass characters to choose from! My personal favorite is Klause.
  • Don’t forget the urge for blood is strong so no feeding on locals!

The Walking Dead

  • Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Carl, Carol, Maggie, Negan, Ezekiel, Glenn, Uncle Hershel, are all great options!
  • This is one of the less expensive options! Grab some old clothes and rip them up for the zombies and dirty up some old clothes for the characters. Grab all of the toy guns, it is the end of the world.
  • Another idea, the kids could be zombies and the parents could be one of the characters!


  • This one is for the strong family!
  • I think this one would make an AWESOME family picture!
  • Can you picture walking the streets with your little ones all dressed as vikings?! Sounds pretty bad ass don’t it!!??

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Be safe and remember to “check” all the candy! Most of all have fun!

If you like these ideas please share with your friends!!

**I do not own any of the pictures**

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