Do you have a momdrobe?

Well it’s official, I now rock the momdrobe EVERYDAY! Nike/comfy shorts, t-shirt, hat and tennis shoes or yoga pants, tanks top, hat, and flip flops are my go to mommy outfits. I basically wear the same damn thing except different colors everyday.

My Momdrobe


But lets be real, who the hell wants to stay home and chase kids in jeans?! When I have to wear jeans I am counting down the hours til I can get back into my yoga pants!

I commend the stay at home moms that wake up every morning put on their make-up and dress to impress. I wake up and don’t get out of my pajama’s til 12. When I do change out of my pajama’s I am just changing into better fitting comfy clothes.

Even though I sometimes wish I was that mom that wakes up, puts make-up on, and gets dressed that doesn’t mean I am going to wake up, put make-up on, and get dressed. I will still wake up and stay in my pajamas til 12 and then change into better comfy clothes because that is what I WANT TO DO and that is HOW I FEEL COMFORTABLE. But just because I wear what I feel most comfortable in does not mean I don’t feel sexy.

Why can’t you feel sexy in what you feel comfortable in? Why do we have to feel like we have to wake up and get dressed EVERYDAY? 

All mom’s should feel sexy whether you woke up and didn’t brush your hair for the 3rd day in a row or you woke up and did your make up like the tutorial you seen the day before. Either way, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

I can promise that next week I will still be wearing yoga pants and t shirts 90 percent of the time. For the other 10 percent I will look more put together and I will attempt to fix my hair. My go to outfit for that 10 percent is basically like this:

Yes I pulled all of these clothes out my closet (which is why they are not professional pictures) and yes I probably have owned them since before my child was born. 

My eating pants and loose shirt to hide my food baby.

My look always depends on what I am about to do. For example, If I am going to the movies I will usually wear yoga pants, a cute shirt, a few pieces of jewelry and a little sometimes a lot of make up (depends on my child’s mood). If I wear jeans or jean shorts I will have to unbutton them to consume the enormous amounts of popcorn I eat after already eating dinner before the movie and the snacks I have shoved in my purse and who wants to have to do that; so yoga pants it is.

My FAVORITE place to shop used to be Wet Seal. They were the shit but unfortunately they closed. I am still really depressed about it and sometimes go to their site just wishing it would come back! Since then I had to find other places that had Mommy Approved clothes and I have made a list, with links, to help other mommies! Now some of these sell all clothes from women, to men, to babies so don’t get side tracked just shop for you!!I love shopping online but majority of the time I have to try my clothes on because I am super picky about the way it fits so I included both in store/online shopping!


I also shop at the Goodwill and Resale shops! Don’t hate, I ain’t got no shame in my game.

I want ALL moms to feel sexy in whatever feels most comfortable to you! Now I would be lying if I said I feel more sexy in my sweat pants than I do in my cute clothes but I don’t feel ugly.I never feel UGLY but there are some days I feel frumpy and blah and that’s okay just as long as you don’t stay in that state of mind.



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