Packing for the hospital can make everything seem so real! Especially if it is your first baby. Knowing what and when to start packing is sometimes hard to decide!

When to start packing? I would suggest to start packing around 28-30 weeks. Hopefully you have already had your baby shower by then and are all set for your new baby’s arrival.

What to pack? I know you want to take everything from the diapers to your own toilet but unfortunately that’s not practical. So I’ve put together a printable list for the baby, for the mommy (the one doing all the work), and for the daddy (the one who did this to you).

Before you start packing you should know what the hospital will provide. The hospital will provide diapers and wipes. Thankfully my hospital carried Pampers brand because my high maintenance child is allergic to all other brands except Pampers. Don’t worry about bringing bottles, the hospital has that covered. They will also provide burp clothes which are really blankets but I used them for burp clothes.  Also, if you have anything you would like them to put an ink print on be sure to pack it and don’t forget to tell the nurses. Also, don’t go crazy packing outfits like I did; 3 to 4 of each outfit is plenty. My husband was so embarrassed at the amount of bags he had to carry in. LOL! I swear it looked like I was planning to be there a month and not 3 days.

Here is your printable checklist:

I hope you have a safe and easy delivery! Remember the pain will end and you will have the best thing you could ever hold in your arms!

Here are some great essentials for you hospital stay:

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