Summertime can sometimes feel like your slowly dying inside. Finding things to keep the kids from saying “I’m bored” fifty million times a day or keeping your 2 year old entertained can seem impossible but I’m here to give you some ideas.

Summertime fun at home:

  • 2 liter sprinkler – Grab an empty 2 liter which seems like the kids drink in 5 minutes, and poke a bunch of holes  on one side. Grab your duct tape and tape that bitch to your water hose and BOOM!
  • PVC sprinkler – This one cost money, about 50 bucks. My husband and I made this using a tutorial from Pinterest. We were about to spend 250 on a water slide but instead made this:
  • Paint Party – Even us moms can have fun with this one! Go outside enjoy the fresh air get a couple pieces of large paper and paint away! You could also use an old sheet; lay it out and let them paint on it! Then let them wash off with the hose!
  • Yarn Barrier – Create a yarn barrier outside around the trees or save this one for a rainy day and create one in the hall way. If you have rope, that works too.
  • Bag of Paint – This is one is definitely for the younger kiddos. Put some paint into a bag and tape it to the window. Watch their minds be blown!
  • Moveable Fun – Put some sand and toys in a shallow tote and let them play in the sand. Close up and put away when done.
  • Treasure/Scavenger Hunt – Hide the treasure and make the clues and send them kids away so you can smoke that cigarette/ drink your coffee/ make a phone call in PEACE!
  • Race cars – Get a pool noodle, split in half from top to bottom, find a slope, and grab those old cars and see who’s the best kid. The winner gets to take a nap and the loser has to take a nap.
  • Slip-N-Slide – Grab a tarp, some baby soap, and a water hose and have a blast!
  • Dinosaur Fossils – Get a tub ( shallow or deep your preference), put some dinosaurs (or whatever your kid may find interesting), and cover with dirt. Give them a paint brush and a shovel and let them find the fossils. The paint brush is to brush the dirt off the animals.

Summertime is also great for playing in the rain! My baby boy loves it!


Summertime fun at the beach:

    • Plastic bags – Take four plastic bags to the beach with you and fill each one with sand when you get there. Best to use the more wet sand. Place on each corner of your sheet or blanket to hold it down. Bring a couple extra bags to hold down your umbrella so you won’t be that mom chasing it down the beach. I am usually that mom. Everything be jingling trying to catch that damn thing.
    • Baby Powder – Baby powder is magic when it comes to sand. It gets the sand to wipe right off. (Learned this one from my babies GiGi)
    • Scavenger Hunt – Do a beach themed scavenger hunt. You can find printables online! Here’s one!
    • Erupting Sand Castle – This is the first I have seen and I am definitely going to be trying this! Check it out at:
    • Beach Volleyball – This is a personal favorite! Your beach don’t have a net? Here’s a volleyball and badminton set.

  • Crab Crawl – Draw a start and finish line and let the kids crab crawl and see who wins!
  • Bring a Pool – Bring a blow up pool for the younger ones that aren’t big enough for the ocean yet!
  • Laundry Basket – A mesh laundry basket is the best thing for those sand toys. Throw them in the basket and shake em’ off!
  • Slushies – Get some capri suns,freeze them the night before, and throw them in the cooler. DON’T FORGET SCISSORS! Cut the top off and enjoy your slushy! Also makes great ice packs!
  • Baby Bath – Take the baby bath and fill with water for the babies.

I think I learned more by writing this than anything! I will so be doing majority of this!

I hope you have all of your hair and your sanity by the time Summer is over.

May the odds be ever your favor.


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