DIY Picture Hanger

Having a big family means having A LOT of pictures. So, framing every single picture is nearly impossible.

I am not sure who came up with this idea but they are a genius!

Time it takes to make: 30 minutes

The things you will need:

  • Picture frame – I will be using an old frame from a mirror that my son decided we didn’t need anymore. He now has 10 years of bad luck. But, if you don’t have an old frame laying around the Goodwill is a good place to find one.
  • Wire – Just go to your grandparents house I am sure they have some laying around somewhere. If not, I’ve made it easy for you to order some below.
  • Wire cutters – I had the most dullest wire cutters ever so it took FOREVER to cut the wire. Make sure you have the right cutters. To make it easy for you, added some below.
  • Clothespins – $1 at your local Dollar gentral. I also added some badass metal ones down below.
  • Staple gun – I borrowed my Grandpa’s and had to pinky promise to bring it back. Don’t have one to borrow? No worries, added one below for you.
  • Pictures – Uh, Duh.

I needed my husband to help because I do not trust myself with a staple gun and my string bean arms couldn’t cut the wire. But of course he acted like I needed him to run a marathon first. Just to give you a picture of what it’s like to be married, if your not married, and you ask your husband for help it usually goes something like this:

Wife: Babe can you help me put together this frame?
Husband: Can we do it in a little bit?
A little later…
Wife: Can we put together that frame now?

Back to the important Pinteresting shit. (Did you catch my pun??)

I spray painted the wire black because I didn’t like the metal look.

Step 1: Lay frame face down and lay the wire across the back of the frame.

Step 2: Staple the wire to the frame. (I had to cut it first then staple it.)

Step 3: Cut the wire so that it matches the frame. If your like me and cut it before stapling you are now done! It should look similar to this.

Step 4: Place clothespins and pictures all over in no strategic order. It will end up looking like this.

I didn’t like that so I added some twine. It made it look more “neat”. Check it out.

Final result! (Excuse my empty tank. WE’RE GETTING TURTLES!)

This took me a little longer than usual because I painted the wire and my wire cutters sucked. But, it was well worth it! In love with my new focus point in my living room!

Made this before and have some tips, leave a comment!

Would rather order your supplies online? I added some of the items you will need below, all at affordable prices too! I know dollar general has clothespins for a $1 but those metal ones are badass and they come in a pack of 40! The frame is honestly better to get at the Goodwill or any other secondhand store though.

Go check out the rest of

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