Introducing your fur babies to your new baby!

Introducing a dog, or any type of animal, to babies can be nerve racking, scary and sometimes tricky for both the owners and the animal. For me personally, I have only had an experience with introducing dogs, my 3 fur babies Autumn, Abigale, and Sparta. Yes I have pictures I’m glad you asked!

I was super nervous because Sparta, who is a 70 lb lap dog, is super hyper and does not know boundaries. My main worry was that she was going to jump on the bed and crush my son, literally. I worried about this constantly.

Here are some tips to get you and your fur babies ready.

Before the baby arrives:

  • Let him/her smell a piece of the baby’s clothing
  • If they haven’t already, give them time around other children
  • Aggravate them more than often (kids tend to be aggravating)
  • Be sure you fur baby isn’t aggressive during meal time
  • Let him/her listen to some baby cries

I know it can get expensive getting ready for a baby but if maybe you can put together a Welcome Baby basket full of treats, toys, and some of their favorite stuff to keep them busy on those extra tiring days. Check out the gift set below.

After the baby arrives:

  • Let him/her sniff the baby (it’s not the end of the world if they lick the baby)
  • Set boundaries around the nursery
  • Teach the baby what is and is not okay to do the animal
  • Don’t forget your pet, they were your first babies

Being a first time parent can be hell sometimes and definitely extra tiring so those little quirky things your animal does can go unnoticed and that’s okay but be sure to find the time to spend with them. They love you just as much now as they did before that dog torturing machine came along. The bond my boy has with his dogs is unbelievable they won’t admit it but they love him too!

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