Free advice for expecting mothers! What you can REALLY expect!


A baby truly is a blessing! You get to watch someone grow up and see you and your significant other in that little person! I want to go ahead and say I love my son with everything I have and would do anything and everything for him!

With that being said pregnancy is hard! Heartburn, sleepless nights, lots of tears, hating your significant other, wanting to punch everybody in the face one day and wanting to hug everyone the next, wanting to eat everything in sight, having the nose of a golden retriever and so much more! Not only are you giving your body to someone else for 9 months but you are giving your life to someone for the rest of your life! I don’t even say for 18 years because for me I need my parents now at 25 more than I did when I was 18! There is so much that goes into to being a mommy. Not only financially but mentally. Patience is definitely key.

You will need some baby tools: wipes, formula, titty pump, dry shampoo, yoga pants, tissue for your tears, a pen to sell your soul for some sleep, and more!


Oh so many diapers. Being a first time mom, I had to change my sons diaper after the first pee. Now that he’s almost 2 that thing drags the floor before I change it. Lol! Learn from me, you don’t have to change it every time they pee! Diapers are like gold when you have a newborn so use them wisely! Be ready for those blowouts too! My son had SOOO many. I thought something was wrong with my child’s bowels for a while, but then remembered who his daddy was. Lol! (He’s gonna kill me.)


So many choices for bottles, right? Dr. Brown, Nuk, Playtex, etc. All are great brands and make great bottles! I personally used Playtex drop-in bottles while I was breastfeeding but once I was done breastfeeding I started using those dollar bottles from Wal-mart and my son LOVED them! It’s okay to go with the cheaper alternative, you don’t have to have the most expensive bottle. If you prefer the more expensive bottle that’s okay too! Either way your baby is getting a full belly and that’s all that matters!


I wish someone would have been honest with me from the beginning at how bad breastfeeding hurts. I have very sensitive nipples but good lord it felt like a titty twister x1000.I also had introverted nipples which they say makes it impossible to breastfeed but we tried it anyway. If it wasn’t for Lansinoh nipple cream, I think my nipples would have fell off. If you haven’t gotten any yet I strongly recommend It! On the positive side, the bond you get with your child while nursing is unbelievable. I never understood it until I actually experienced it. I was always the type to say it’s just going to be weird having someone suck on my titties other than in an intimate way but my husband talked me into trying it. I can’t explain the feeling you get, it is nothing like i expected.

Sleepless nights

Everyone says sleep while you can because once the baby comes you will never sleep. Yeah, just slap those people cause they obviously don’t remember how hard it is to sleep while your pregnant! This was the hardest to deal with for me because I LOVE my sleep! I wish I would have allowed myself to lay around or sleep during the day instead of trying to do housework and such while the baby slept. So, if you can, really sleep while he or she sleeps. I know for some that can be tough cause you don’t feel productive or nothing is getting done but I promise all of that can wait. Your baby needs you in a good mood and, at least for me, lack of sleep can make me pretty bitchy.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help, I struggle with this as well. I want to think I don’t need help that I can do everything on my own but sometimes having someone there so you can get an extra hour of sleep or get some things done without worrying if the baby is okay, can be a huge help.

For those who haven’t bought any of the liquid gold I’ve listed it below along with some other necessities. I so wish I would have known about the hands free bottles!


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